Research Currents - New Edition Now Available!

Research Currents - New Edition Now Available!

Inside: Concerns Over Aging Dams in New England | Are Surfers Stewards of the Environment? | Massive Wind Tunnel Propels Defense, Aerospace Research | Creative Challenge Gets High School Students Excited About App Design | ...and more!

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This bud's for you: First Science Pub Night to focus on forests

This bud's for you: First Science Pub Night to focus on forests

Science Pub Nights will be presented locally at Sea Dog Brewing Co. in North Conway, beginning March 31 with "Northeastern Forests and the Earth's Climate System." Read more >>

Q&A with UNH's Dr. Scott Ollinger

A New and Improved Data Discovery Center

A New and Improved Data Discovery Center

The Data Discovery Center ( is the data repository and digital library for NH EPSCoR research projects. Data access is free and available to anyone. The site was recently given a whole new look and several new features were added.

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Computational Buzz

Computational Buzz

N.H. high school students design and write their own apps and crush preconceptions about who programs computers. This fall, a dynamic group of teachers across the state and over 200 students tackled the creative computing challenge.

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York Beaches Nexus of New Sustainability Science Research

York Beaches Nexus of New Sustainability Science Research

When you think of York Maine you typically think of beaches and relaxation and not cool scientific research. But York has attracted researchers from universities across the region who are using it as a case study on the economic impacts of water quality threats like increasing population, rising seas, and extreme weather, as well as troubling local issues like seaweed.

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New England Surfers Care about Water Quality, According to Preliminary Survey Data

New England Surfers Care about Water Quality, According to Preliminary Survey Data

Up and down the Maine and New Hampshire coastline researchers from Plymouth State University have been on a summer “surfari”, scouring beaches and vigilantly watching for primo weather forecasts. Because they know when the surfs up, that’s where they’ll find surfers.

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New NSF EPSCoR Grant Focused on the Future of Dams in New England

New NSF EPSCoR Grant Focused on the Future of Dams in New England

A new $6 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR program will fund a four-year study examining the future of dams in New England. This project marks an expansion in partners and scope for the New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST), adding Rhode Island to the existing partnership between Maine and New Hampshire.

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Too Much Salt!

Too Much Salt!

Reducing the use of road salt through research, stewardship, and innovative technologies could protect water resources in N.H. and save municipalities money. NH EPSCoR research results from 110 streams and rivers where volunteers are collecting data could be incorporated into new tech used by maintenance trucks.

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  • Apr 27 2016 - 8:38am

    ArcGIS Intensive Training Class To Be Offered Again This Year

    The GSS 805: Applied GIS for Research, ArcGIS intensive training class will be offered again this year at UNH on the Durham Campus. This class will take place from Monday, May 23rd to Friday, June 3rd in room N110 of Kingsbury Hall. This year's class is being offered as a four credit graduate level class, but undergraduate seniors are also welcomed to petition the Graduate School for enrollment.

    Space is limited, so interested students are encouraged to register early. Registration for the class can be completed on the UNH Summer Session website.

    For a full description of the class please visit the UNH Geospatial Science Course Information page.

  • Apr 26 2016 - 10:35am

    New Research: Clean Water for Less

    A collaborative team of scientists, community leaders, and water resources experts found that integrated planning could save Exeter, Stratham, and Newfields over $100 million (in fifty-year lifecycle costs) by prioritizing high-impact, low-cost mitigation strategies across permit type and town boundaries.


  • Apr 19 2016 - 8:40am

    NH EPSCoR Researcher Ken Johnson Named 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellow

    One of NH EPSCoR's Ecosystems & Society researchers, University of New Hampshire professor of sociology Kenneth Johnson, has been named a 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellow. He is among just 33 scholars nationwide selected to receive the country’s most generous and most prestigious fellowships to advance research in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • Apr 14 2016 - 9:04am

    Scott Ollinger Discusses Upcoming Science Pub Nights on WMWV

    Listen to WMWV's 7-minute Drive Time Interview with UNH's Scott Ollinger for a discussion on upcoming Science Pub Nights at Seadog Brewing Company in North Conway, NH. Scott explains the idea behind Science Pub Nights and what he hopes you can take away from them - and why he wants you to join the conversations.

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  • May 11 2016 - 8:30am - 4:00pm

    NHDES’ 2016 Drinking Water Source Protection Conference

    Location: Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH

    This conference is the largest drinking water source protection event in New England is the only statewide event focused solely on how to protect local sources of drinking water. Scientists, water system managers, environmental managers, state and local officials will discuss a variety of source protection topics including statewide surface water quality trends, climate change impacts on water resources, research on contaminants of emerging concern, and case studies that highlight successful local efforts to protect drinking water.

    Register and view the full agenda here.

  • May 18 2016 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

    Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions Spring 2016 Seminar Series

    Title: Engaging in Sustainability Debates: The Role of Universities, Experts, and Journalists in Promoting Collaboration and Innovation

    Speaker: Matthew C. Nisbet, Associate Professor of Communication at Northeastern University and an affiliate faculty member with the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine

    Where: UMaine, 107 Norman Smith Hall

    More information here.

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Sustainability at UNH

CC Report

Reports on Health Risks Associated with Rising Seas and Climate Change. Rising seas pose significant risks to New Hampshire coastal communities and ecosystems, cultural resources, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and a host of climate change driven health impacts are a significant threat to Granite State and New England residents.

The Data Discovery Center (DDC) is a digital library that provides access to a broad suite of data sets generated by the New Hampshire and Maine EPSCoR programs. Current holdings include atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial sensor data, imagery, model results, and survey data, in support of the Ecosystems and Society Project, the New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST), and the Ecosystems Computing Challenge (ECC).

Want to help with science research on behalf of the environment? Citizen science projects need your help - counting species, monitoring water and weather and more. Sort by state, how much time you can spend, or topic to find the best project for you!

NH Science and Technology Plan

S&T Plan

Innovation and technological advances are the keys to economic prosperity for all New Hampshire residents.

View the 2014 Data Toolkit for Key Indicators (including New Hampshire STEM Education Outcomes).

Strategic Economic Plan for NH

Economic Plan thumbnail

The Business and Industry Association’s strategic economic plan for the state concludes that one of the best investments New Hampshire can make for a prosperous future is to develop a highly skilled workforce — one that is especially in tune with our burgeoning advanced manufacturing and high-tech sectors.

NH Environmental Literacy Plan


The New Hampshire Envrionmental Literacy Plan provides an organized framework to expand environmental education for all people.